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If you are looking for dental care in the Netherlands, you won’t need to look far. Every city and even most villages have their own dentist. The practices come in all forms and sizes, but in the larger cities they often speak English and have more than one dentist (great if one of them is on holiday and you really need to visit). At our practice in Nijmegen for example we have three skilled dentists with years of experience, so there is always someone available. On this page we created an overview with everything you need to know about dental care in the Netherlands.

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About the Dutch and their dentists

The Dutch visit their dentist at least once, but often twice a year. Not because they have bad teeth, but because the quality of their dentists are among the top in the world. If they visit twice a year, a dentist can spot a problem quickly and take preventive measures.

If you wish to check your dentist, please visit the BIGregister. It’s an official website of the Dutch government where all healthcare professionals need to be registered (partly English). This registration makes it clear what this professional can and is allowed to do by law. The most important consequences of having this registration are:

  • A dentist is allowed to use the legally protected titel(s) belonging to the profession. Dentists may also carry out their profession independently.

The dentists at our practice in Nijmegen are of course registered.


Dental specialists

In the Netherlands there are dental practices in all shapes and sizes. Some are dental practices with a dentist who offers regular dental care, while others offer more specializations as well. Think of a paradontologist for example, who specializes in gums. At our practice, we have a team of dentists and specialists to help you with different kinds of dental problems. We specialize in orthodontics, implantology, endodontology, periodontology and cosmetic dentistry. Our practice is a group practice where a patient has nearly every specialization and dental care to their disposal.
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Dutch dental care rates

The government regulates the dental care rates in the country through the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NzA). This makes it quite affordable compared to other wealthy countries in the world. All dentist services are described in universal codes, which allow insurance companies to see which amounts they need to reimburse. Prices might differ slightly per dentist, depending on the specialisms of the treatments for example. Dentists are obligated to show their price list on their website. You can find our treatment price list on the website as well (in Dutch, English coming soon). If you have any questions about the terms used in the price list or if you wish to receive a quotation, please contact us for an appointment.


Frequently asked questions to dentists

There are a few questions we often get asked in our practice. We listed the most commonly asked questions below. If you have a question that is not explained here please contact us, we are happy to provide you with more information.

1. Is dental care free in the Netherlands?

All Dutch citizens have a basic health insurance (obligatory for every citizen), in which the insurance company will cover all regular dental costs for children up to the age of 18. As an adult, specific dental surgery sometimes also falls under basic health insurance. Make sure to read your health insurance policy carefully to see if you need additional insurance for dental care. Cavities for adults often don’t fall under the basic health insurance for example.

2. Is dental care covered by health insurance?

Yes and no. As explained in the answer to the question above, regular dental care for children and specific surgery for adults is covered by your basic health insurance. However, not all dental care falls under that category. If you need additional dental care, you will need a special dental coverage in addition to your basic health insurance. Please read the policy of your health insurance company to see which dental care is covered. You can of course also ask us for advice if you are unsure if the treatment is covered.
If you have additional health insurance, we can send the invoice straight to your insurance company. You will only receive an invoice from your insurance company if there are parts of the treatment which are not covered by your policy.

3. How much is a dental checkup without insurance?

If you do not have basic health insurance yet, but do need to visit the dentist urgently, please contact us directly. A consultation costs 22,16 euros, but depending on the urgency of your problem we might advise you a treatment as well.

4. How about emergency dental care?

The emergency service differs from practice to practice, but at Villa Westhof we have both an evening service and a weekend service. If you have serious pain symptoms you can see the dentist on duty immediately.

5. Are same-day appointments possible?

If you have a toothache and are in pain, it is possible to make a same-day appointment at our practice. For all other treatments we will make an appointment at another day.

About our practice in Nijmegen


Villa Westhof is a group practice where many specalists are gathered. Whether you have a toothache or would like a cosmetic treatment, we can help you. We take care to give every patient personal attention (you’re not just a name on a paper). When you register with us as a new patient, you can choose your own dentist through consultation. Our practice is very family-friendly and we even have child-friendly treatments which are tailored to their needs. And are you or is one of your family members very anxious about visiting the dentist? We have experience with anxious patients and will take all the time you need.

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