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Our team consists of different experts, each with its specialization. Make an appointment with one of our specialists..

Dental surgeons

Leon Pennings

General dentistry & Cosmetic dentistry

Leon was born in Nijmegen and studied in Amsterdam. Since he graduated in 1999 he has worked in various practices, joining this practice in 2003 as a general dental practitioner. Together with his colleague Stef de Grood he has grown the practice into a group practice.

Annemieke de Grood

Cosmetic dentistry & Minor surgical procedures

Annemieke was born in Nijmegen-Oost and grew up in Lent. She studied in Leuven, Belgium and has worked as a general dental practitioner at Villa Westhof since 1 July 2014. Annemieke works alongside Nathan Kinket in administering implantology therapies.

Melvin van Steen

Dentist - Orthodontics

Melvin was born and raised in Beek-Ubbergen. In 2018 he graduated for dentistry at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Melvin is an all-round dentist with an affinity for orthodontics. He is now working on the course Integrated Dentistry, where with the system Insignia and digital scanning, a shortened orthodontics course can be completed.


Shalini Hukku

General Dentistry

As of April 2023, Shalini Hukku will join our team on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
An all-round dentist who offers a listening ear, keeps the peace and finds quality care of great importance.
Shalini was educated at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Other experts

Nathan Kinket

Implantology dental surgeon

Nathan was born in Haarlem and studied dentistry in Nijmegen, graduating in 2009. In 2014 he completed his postdoctoral training in Reconstructive Dentistry at Radboud UMC. With this training he specialised in implantology.

Jim Kervezee

Dental technician

Jim has been the founder-owner of Groesbeeks Dental technology Laboratory for 25 years. 27 years ago (1978) he began as a dental technician in Groesbeek. He has been working as a Clinical Prosthesis Technician for 7 years now. He attends various dental surgeries and hospitals across the region on fixed days.

''Because of its dynamic nature, my job remains a fascinating and varied challenge. It makes me enjoy my work very much.''

Evita Schloss

Dental hygienist

Evita graduated in 1993 from the Catholic University, now the Radboud in Nijmegen. Following her studies she worked in various practices in Utrecht, Veenendaal and in Velp. Evita has worked with us in our practice since 2008.

''Even after all these years I still find the work fascinating, enjoy contact with patients and there is still a great deal to learn.''

Fanny Arts

Fanny Arts

Dental hygienist

Fanny was born in Nijmegen where she also studied Oral health care and graduated in 2010. She has worked in orthodontics and in general dentistry. Fanny has been working in our practice since January 2019. In addition to her work in the practice, Fanny also works as a teacher at the Dental Assistant course.


Sandra Derksen

Dental hygienist

Sandra is born and raised in Nijmegen, graduated in 1997. She has worked in various general practices. She has a calm way of treating you and tries to get the best out of you!
Her motto is: "A patient is more than just a mouth!)

Nina Brunt

Nina Brunt

Dental hygienist

Nina has an affinity with anxious patients and likes to put you at ease. She prefers to think in terms of solutions rather than problems, and is therefore happy to think along with you for an appropriate and personal approach.


Shella Coffie

Prevention Assistant - anesthesia

Shella has worked in our practice as a full-time all-round assistant since 2014. She obtained her diploma in February 2013. Shella is also a qualified prevention assistant. She is trained in the placement of anesthesia.

Charlotte Vink

Prevention Assistant - anesthesia

Charlotte has worked in our practice as a full-time dental assistant since March 2014. She obtained her diploma in June 2013. She is trained in the placement of anesthesia.

Robin Kerkhoff

Prevention Assistant - anesthesia

Robin has been working in our practice since June 2017. Initially as an all-round assistant, and from July 2019 Robin was trained in performing prevention treatments.
She is trained in the placement of anesthesia.

Kyra Liebers

Kyra Liebers

Dental Assistant - anesthesia

Kyra has joined our team from May 2020. She works as a full-time all-round assistant and you will find her mainly at the chair as well as at the counter at our practice.
She is trained in the placement of anesthesia and is now being trained to become a prevention assistent.

Lieve van Haaren

Dental Assistant

Lieve was an intern at first and is now joining our team as an all-round dental assistant.

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