Guided Biofilm Therapy - Airflow©

Bacteria in the oral cavity can lead to infection and loss of the supportive tissue of the teeth. These bacteria can als lead to general health complications. Also the oral biofilm can harden and become calculus.
An effective way to treat this is with the new Guided Biofilm Therapy®.

Our Dental Hygienist now work with this GBT-protocol.


The first step is to make the biofilm visible through colouring of the bacteria. It’s a tool for motivation but also to check if the bacteria are 100% gone at the end of the treatment.
After this the cleaning will start with the painless Airflow® which consists of an airflow with warm water and powder. This wil get rid of staining, plaque and young calculus.
Remaining calculus or pockets underneath the gums will get cleaned with the PS Piezon NO-PAIN® Technology. The vibrations of the ultrasonic scaler will adapt to the hardness of the tooth suface and uses warm water.
Everything to prevent sensitivity during treatment.
This treatment is also very suitable to cleaning crowns, bridges, brackets and implants.



Do you want to experience this treatment yourself?

You can book an appointment with one of our Guided Biofilm Therapy Certified dental hygienists: Nina, Fanny or Sandra.


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