Extremely anxious patients

The causes of anxiety may be:

  • Unpleasant experiences in the past.
  • Uncertainty about what’s going to happen.
  • Fear of pain.
  • Other people’s stories.
  • Embarrassment in front of the dentist.
  • Fear of losing teeth.


Our team members are familiar with all types of fear of the dentist. Our team knows how to deal with anxiety. That is why we take all the time for you in our practice. If you suffer from tensions or anxiety, we advise you to make this known when making the appointment. Then we will gladly take this into account.

Our dental hygienists work using the GBT method. This is a pain-free method of dental cleaning. The AirflowⒸ is used for this, wich removes 100% of the biofilm with a soft airflow, water and powder. Residual tartar is removed with the PS PiezonⒸ ultrasonic scaler. This adapts to the vibrations the hardness of the tooth servece to prevent tooth sensitivity during treatment.

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