Problem-oriented consultation

At dental practice Villa Westhof this performance is always performed as a separate consultation in response to a question or problem from a patient, or a follow-up consultation in response to a previous question or problem, including updating the medical history. This service may not be charged for if the problem is the result of a service provided by the same healthcare provider in the past two months and if aftercare is described as part of the service.


Examples of a problem-oriented consultation are

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the wound (wound toilet)
  • Treating an inflammation of the extraction wound (alveolitis)
  • Incision of abscesses
  • Providing instructions and guidance on the jaw joint, tailored to the patient in question; for example, exercise instruction movement of the lower jaw.
  • Lifting of acute jaw joint problems (gnathological problems), such as dislocation (luxation) and jaw clamp (closed lock)
  • Pointing (sensitive) tooth necks
  • Removal of pressure points from prosthetics
  • Opening the tooth cavity (pulp chamber) without further extensive cleaning
  • A trauma consultation
  • Determining DETI score A.